Acne in it’s Many Forms

Acne in it’s Many Forms

Acne comes in many forms. It may be inter-related or those that develops from one form into another, or those that has its independent origin.

Acne may start its development from the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands which can be triggered by many factors including stress, diet and hormonal imbalance. Dead cells, oil and bacteria combined may cause the infection of the acne which may then become inflamed. This may lead to swelling, pain and redness at the site of the infection.

Acne may be defined as inflammatory or non-inflammatory. It may begin from a minor lesion or microcomedo, as it’s name suggest, microcomedo are very small, thus only the use of microscope may help it become visible. This will then developed into an open comedo or blackhead, and a closed comedo or whitehead.

Postules and nodules are similar with the comedo. However, they are of more serious form characterized by pus-filled, yellowish bumps for postules, and inflamed, larger swellings for nodules.

Another form of acne is the popules, which is an intermediate between inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. Popules are typical pimples which are mildly inflamed which are recognized for their redness, yet there are no visible pus in the center.

Above all these is the most severe form called the nodules or more commonly termed as cysts. Cysts are recognized with their sac-like formation and also these are pus-filled.

This has the worst condition for it runs deep into the skin tissue from the actual site of the infection. Moreover, cystic acnes cause more scarring than any other forms of acnes. Because it is deeply imbedded into the skin, squeezing or pinching cystic acnes often cause the pus to scatter deep in the layers of the skin. This then triggers the immune system to release white blood cells to combat against the widespread of the bacteria. This in effect, results to swelling and pain, consequently causing deep rooted inflammation.


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Acne vulgaris is the most common form of acne infection which grows as whiteheads or blackheads.

On the other hand, a type of acne which afflicts middle-aged individuals, mostly women, is the acne rosacea. This is identified through the flushing of the face that is often conceived as the result of being drink. However, these two has no real connections. In the most sever form, acne rosacea may bring rise to a condition bulbous nose or rhinofima which is more prevalent in men.

Infantile acne is a seldom case for infants. Often, babies affected with this mild form of are showing symptoms at the time of birth. However, these will disappear in time. Research points out that this condition is mainly due to fetal hormonal changes.

Scalp folliculitis is a form of acne that develops in the scalp or around the hairlines. This may be caused by excess accumulation of oil and dirt in this area. The acid present in the scalp often causes the scalp to be flaky, itchy and dry.

Often, young women experience perioral dermatitis. These tiny popules and postules appear around the mouth and the chin, and sometimes end up in areas below the eyelids. In many cases, these are caused by fluorine contained in toothpastes and steroids.

An acne that affects the area around the back, face and the shoulders intensively is known as acne conglobata. It is the sever form of acne vulgaris which has the tendency of becoming cystic. It is identified with a number of non-inflamed and inflamed scars and nodules that are often found in men. Another sever form is the acne fulminans which is associated with systematic symptoms mostly affecting teenage boys.


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