Acne Resolved Through Homeophatic Treatments

Acne Resolved Through Homeophatic Treatments

Acne is a skin disorder which is prevalent during teenage years and until mid-twenties. It afflicts the majority of people undergoing this stage of life because of several factors:

One may be due to hormonal changes and imbalance of hormone secretion occurring in the body. Also, acne develops through the plugging of the subcutaneous canals found in the external layers of the skin. Once these are clogged, dead cells and bacteria will accumulate in the hair follicles, allowing Propionibacterium acnes or bitterly known as P. acnes to thrive within these pores while attacking on the white blood cells. This process may weaken the body’s immune system and may allow for the onset of acne breakout.

Acne is a term applied to plugged pores like blackhead and whiteheads. Also, pimples, lumps and nodules are included in this category. This skin condition generally inflicts the face, forehead, and the cheeks and to some extent the back and the shoulders where subcutaneous units are found. These units involve oil glands and hair follicles. The absence of acne in the palm of the hands and the bottom of the feet is mainly due to the absence of subcutaneous units in these body parts.

Although the technology for treating acne completely is not yet developed in the medical circles, there had been proven methods of curing and treating the skin disorder. These treatments are helpful in lessening the severity of the skin condition, and under certain conditions scarring and infections may be prevented.

Homeophatic treatment is a day to day routine for treating acne breakout.

The use of soap and water is the simplest method used by most acne patients. However, this must be only done two times a day because excessive washing may make more damage than help. By washing, extra sebum seated in the skin may be removed, thus decreasing the possibility of developing further outbreak of acne. Sebum is an oily substance produce only in the skin. However, there is still no medical use for this substance except that these are synthetically produced by skin care and cosmetics manufacturers to include them in their product items.

Benzoyl peroxide is an over the counter medication which is I general, prescribed by physicians for mild acne outbreaks. Notably, it is a mainstay medication because it has anti-bacterial properties and may also dry out the level of sebum in the skin surface. However, benzyl peroxide is noted to be used in fabric and hair bleaching.

On the other hand, a substance commonly found in aspirin- the salicylic acid may aid in an even shedding of the skin. To stress the point, shedding may come in two forms for most people: even and uneven. Uneven shedding may be unhealthy for it may provide time and ground for the bacteria to breed in the skin pores. Salycilic acid may help unclog the pores and heal the lesions left by the inflammation.

Both the benzyl peroxide and the salicylic acid must be used on a regular basis because either of these two has no significant effect on the sebum production.

Sulfur is commonly found in most over the counter medications. Along with other agents like salicylic acid and alcohol, sulfur has anti-bacterial agents which may decrease the presence of P. acnes on the skin.

Many homeophatic remedies are not yet medically proven. Other home made treatment alternatives include organic and natural substances like lemon juice, mint juice and rose water.


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