Bacne: Acne Appearing in the Back

Bacne: Acne Appearing in the Back

Acne may emerge in a variety of places, including the back. If this is the case, then this form of acne is given the term “bacne”. Acne may inflict people of any age, gender or race. However, it is more prevalent in men than in women.

Bacne may develop from irritation of acne by over-induced sweat glands. Sweat itself is a body waste which may contain dirt, toxins and oils that may aggravate the condition of acne appearing in the back.

Stubborn bacne may often be caused by hereditary factors. This form of acne is much harder to eliminate than those that appears on the face. This is mainly due to the fact that skin is tougher in this section of the skin. Therefore, a more vigorous treatment may be applied to bacne. Mild cleansers which contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can be used in mild or occasional bacne outbreaks.

Like any other forms of acne, bacne is caused by over productive sebaceous glands normally starts to aggressively function during puberty. These glands produce an oily substance called sebum which is released through the skin pores.

The sebaceous glands continually produce the sebum and secrete it through the skin openings. If extra amount of sebum is produce, it gets trapped in the pores which then clog the openings.

In this process, the release of dead cells gets obstructed with the accumulated oil. The resulting mess of dead cells and oil clogs the hair follicles which may provide breeding areas for bacteria. Acne is formed when the bacteria irritates the surrounding area which then becomes inflamed.

Bacnes are located at the back, and in some cases at the buttocks. In most severe cases, the lesions are larger and more painful. As with acne, the root cause of bacne is not yet determined.


acne on the back


This skin disorder may be the outcome of external irritants like heavy backpacks or tight clothing. On the other hand, bacne may also be due to many internal processes like hormonal imbalance or non-release of body wastes and toxins. It is basically the product of an unhealthy body. However, there are several factors that may trigger the production of facial acne but not with back acne.

Food is on the whole plays no significant effect on bacne outbreaks. Evidences are not yet found for the link between acne, oily foods and fat-rich diets. Excessive oil production at the back skin does not trigger the formation or worsens the condition of bacne either. Even a vigorous perspiration is not found to have irritated bacne, whether the sweat is washed immediately after an activity or not.

As with most forms of acne, bacne is neither contagious nor hereditary. At any right, genetics and hereditary disposition is not closely related with bacne. In most cases, off springs do not posses the problems just as their parents suffered with it. In fact, some degree of acne condition is affecting people worldwide, no wonder anyone in any family may experience this skin disorder.

Moreover, stress does not have the same effect as with blackheads, whiteheads and mild inflammatory acnes. In most cases of facial acne, the connection between psychological stresses is already firmly recognized. In the case of bacne however, the link is not yet found.

Bacne in its simplest form may be treated with over the counter drugs and homeophatic treatments. But the more severe form or the cystic bacne will need the expert treatment done only by medical doctors, dermatologist and skin specialists.


acne on the back

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