Finding the Right Way for Your Acne Treatment

Acne is caused by forms of oil, bacteria and dead cells in the pores. Proper acne treatment in general consist of reduce sebum production, remove dead cells and kill bacteria with tropical drugs and oral medications. Here’s ways to avoid acne they are keep the skin oil free, eat balance diet, avoid tobacco, caffeine, sugar and high iodine food (salt).

There are several secret home remedies that proven effective for acne treatment. Some work by opening the clogged, pores, remove bacteria on skin and some other work by minimizing skin inflammation. Best acne treatment is using natural remedies because it harmless for skin.

These followings are best acne treatment:
• Mint is anti-inflammatory in nature, so apply mint juice on acne at night and this is effective for severe cyst acne.
• Honey and cinnamon, honey is good antibiotic and cinnamon contains good antioxidants. Combination of honey and cinnamon will kill acne bacteria, mix 3 spoons honey and 1 spoon powder cinnamon, apply on acne area at night and wash in the morning.
• Saline water: salt water is good for skin. Washing face with warn saline water makes the skin oil free and clean.
• Anti acne juice, mix lemon juice and rose water in equal amount, apply on the face for 30 minutes then wash with fresh water, for skin exfoliating.
• Garlic paste, garlic is antibiotic which remove bacteria on the skin. Crush garlic and apply on affected area, but not near eyes area it may feels burn.
• Nettle tea and water, water keep the bowel movement accurate rinsing the body. Increase water intake 8-10 glasses/day. Nettle tea has many healing power it also act as anti-acne, have 3-4 cups of nettle tea a day.
• Aloe vera gel or apply it fresh on the acne area. It helps healing acne and prevents scars.
• Mix nutmeg and milk and apply on the face at night and rinse in the morning with warm water.
• Neem, tulsi and haldi also very good for skin.

Diet also affects acne, especially on acne vulgarism the only solution is special diet. Replace fried and fatty foods with fresh fruits and vegetables also properly monitor the diet to avoid constipation because it’s affect acne treatment. Consult to dermatologist when the problem is severe.

Herbs base acne treatment like essential oil and mild chemicals shows good result, it can form as face cream, cleanser or moisturizer. It’s harmless on skin since it uses finest essential oil and natural ingredients, and contents Vitamins E, C, D and skin food collagen. Not only acne it can also treat blackheads and whiteheads. No matter the skin type is, these natural essences bases treatment promise to solve acne and skin problems and works both internal and external to clear and prevent acne and straight to the root of infection, regulate hormonal imbalances and purification form within.

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