Uses of Microdermabrasion Treatment and Pigmentation Solution

Microdermabrasion Treatment is a manual process where skin is exfoliated with mild physical abrasives done with a cream that contains skin renewal activators and enzymes. By using this treatment it improves your skin tone and reduces sagging and blemishes leaving back healthy refreshed skin. Microdermabrasion term refers to a dermatological procedure that helps rejuvenate skin cells and improve the overall health, texture and appearance of the skin. Micro means minute, derma means skin and abrasion refers to erosion. Hence this simply refers to a process in which minute particles of the skin, namely the dead skin cells, are abraded or crop off and the newer, healthier skin hiding beneath them is uncovered, giving your face a more youthful and radiant look.
In Microdermabrasion Treatment tiny particles or crystals of certain organic or inorganic substances are applied on the skin, so as to remove the dead skin cells that generally cover our face which are generally not removed with daily skin care. Particles that block our skin is scrubbed off which allows our skin to breathe and will enhance the look of skin. This treatment can be done at home also, at much lower rates compared to clinics. Get Microdermabrasion cream Treatment done at least once, and see the drastic difference it makes to your skin, making it more flawless and youthful, and helping you look simply stunning, naturally. There are types in Microdermabrasion Treatment like diamond, crystal and peel microdermabrasion. In diamond microdermabrasion, a set of minute corundum crystals is replaced with a hard diamond stick at the end of the wand, which allows the procedure to become much easier. In crystal microdermabrasion cream fine crystals and a controlled vacuum is applied to rejuvenate the skin layer that reduces the wrinkles and acne scars.
Skin at different stages of life can very often be prone to developing certain concerns and conditions. Some of the more familiar ones are pimples or acne, dark patches or Pigmentation. Pigmentation is caused due to hormonal changes, ageing and sometimes it is also genetic. Harmful UV rays and oxidizing free radicals cause further skin damage. There are many skin care clinics and companies offering a Pigment reducer peel which is specifically designed to visibly reduce Pigmentation. This peel consists of citric, kojic, arbutin, glycolic solutions. These active pigment lightening agents lighten the dark pigmented patches while stimulate the skin and preventing further Pigmentation. In this process skin damage caused by various factor is repaired. This leaves skin look visibly fresher, clearer and healthier as Pigmentation is evened out and discoloration is recued. In order to ensure safety against the treatment or products customer can perform a peel sensitivity test on their skin. You are advised to use Pigmentation cream and a sunscreen as well as restrict sun exposure after using the product. Pigmentation Solution can be done for face, arms and back.
Before undertaking any type of treatment it’s very important to understand your skin type and texture as how it can be worked upon to make it look and feel healthy and fresh.

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