Herbal Remedies For Acne, Treat Pimples And Dark Spots With Natural Supplements

Acne, Pimples and Dark Spots are some of the most troublesome things that can happen to anyone. This is even truer in the case of females, because they start to develop an inferiority complex when they face the problem of acne. They feel that they don't look pretty anymore, and avoid social outings and gatherings. Gradually, this starts to affect their confidence and becomes a psychological problem too, apart from being just a skin problem.

These days, although there are plenty of options available in the market for people to reduce acne and get rid of dark spots, ranging from creams to face washes, gels, face packs, medicines and much more; not many people actually know which one of these options is the best for them. More than that, there is always a big amount of risk involved with chemical based medicines and creams, as they may not suit all kinds of people, and may lead to side effects or other reactions, which may further worsen the problem.

Therefore, the best way out of this problem is to go in for effective herbal remedies, which are safe, and give quick results. The first one of them is to use Tea Tree Oil on your face, on a regular basis. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which helps fight the growth of acne, and thus, reduces related problems too. Moreover, it helps to reduce blemishes and dark spots, and gives the skin a healthy touch.

Another option is to apply virgin olive oil on the affected areas on a regular basis. It nourishes the skin, and gives a new life to the skin cells, helping to get rid of the old cells that clog up the top skin layers and cause problems of acne and pimples.

One must understand and realize that more than half the problem can easily be sorted by just following a good skin care regimen. If you get into the habit of keeping your face clean at all times, and are particular about washing your face and removing the make-up before you sleep each night, then most of your troubles are dealt with already. Apart from that, scrub your skin regularly with the help of natural scrubs, made of ingredients such as oatmeal, almonds etc., to remove the dead skin cells, and moisturize your skin to ensure that it does not become too dry, and that the skin cells are developing properly.

Besides all of this, you must also follow a good diet. Consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to regularly detoxify your body and get rid of all the waste materials that may cause acne. Also, drink plenty of fluids to keep your body temperature cool, and to flush out the toxins from the body on a regular basis.

Some people suffer from acne and dark spots because of the dandruff that falls on their face from their scalp. In such cases, ensure that you use herbal or natural anti-dandruff shampoo that keeps your scalp clean and healthy.

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