What has Dry Skin Got to Do with Acne

What has Dry Skin Got to Do with Acne?

Basically, there are three categories of skin types: normal skin, dry skin and oily skin. Depending on the variety of conditions and the severity of the case, all types skin are susceptible to acne infliction. Quite a number of people posses all these types on their faces and other parts of the body. In principle, these three basic categories of skin require different treatments and maintenance.

Although oily skin is the acne-prone type, it is still possible that dry skin may be inflicted with acne and this condition is more prevalent during winter. Acne is more active under the surface of the skin rather on the surface itself for dry skin, it is still proper that daily regimen of care is observed for the skin condition changes with seasons.

Moisture is scarce in winter due to drop in temperature and humidity. Together with combined environment and heating, the skin becomes even drier and more irritated. This will cause the flaking of the skin around the shoulders, buttocks, mouth and the nose. In most severe cases, the skin cracks, leaving openings where bacteria and other harmful organisms may penetrate and in return will increase the intensity of acne breakout. To help offset this problem on dry skin, application of moisturizers will be very helpful.

During cold seasons hot baths and showers must be minimized for these actions may remove the moisture present in the skin. Typically, the drier your skin is, it is more required of you to apply supplemental moisturizers. For best results, it is advisable that you apply moisturizers within five minutes after stepping g out of the bathroom.


dry skin acne


On the other hand, summer requires a different set of daily routines for skin maintenance. The skin absorbs better moisture level during this season due to the fact that the air is more humid. Skin pores are softer because of sweat and heat, which causes the pulling of a greater number of liquid and bacteria into the skin. At this point, retinoids must be included in the daily routine but must be covered with a strong sunscreen and enough moisturizing creams.

Retinoids may dry the skin but it will aid in the reduction of bacteria and oil presence in the skin. In addition to these benefits, it is known as an aid in the reduction of wrinkles, sunspots and lines in dry-skinned people.

Dermatologists have not yet proven that dry skins are more prone to scarring than those of other types. But it is found out that scarring may be related with the genes, meaning the type of skin one has inherited. It was further concluded that scarring manifests because the blemishes were nit allowed to completely and properly healed.

Acne may leave behind two sets of scars both for oily-skinned and dry-skinned people. The first form is the ice-pick scar that is like deep holes on the skin surface. The second form is the pigmented scar, which are at first purplish-brown marks and will later on develop as white scars that are raised on the surface of the skin. This can be addressed with over the counter medications and face peels but if this solution does not work within duration of three or four months, then it is advisable that the person affected with this disfiguration consult a dermatologist to help solve the skin condition.


dry skin acne


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