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Welcome to my website on Acne, more so if you have Asian complexion. We are cool place on the web full of information where you'll learn how to Zap Those Zits, in private. Now about acnephobia. If you do not suffer from acne, it is highly unlikely you suffer from [ac'ne'phob'ia] - the fear of having pimples on your body.

If you think you suffer from acne/acnephobia, my advice is read this web site,use the search engine for your key words for the Google search button above; be informed; eat healthily, exercise more and acne may soon disappear. If it does not happen, take professional advice, such as from a counsellor or your family doctor.

Now, lets explore the subject of acne and acnephobia together.

Hello, I am Uncle Gerald, a long time sufferer of pimples - too long.

Acne, pimples, spots affect almost everyone at some stage in their lives. Even the famous. Britney Spears has suffered from it, so you are in good company, if you have Acne. Do you have to be famous or a genius to rid yourself of Acne - No Way!

You may know it as pimples, zits, white heads or black heads, whatever. You may be experiencing it for the first time and wondering what the heck is happening to you. Don't worry we make it simple to understand, what it is and why it has been a part of growing up since earliest times. Best of all we offer you simple down to earth advice on how to cope with your reactions and answer many of those nagging questions and what you can do about it.

Firstly you should know that you are definitely not alone. In fact you are more than likely to be one of the 85% of the present generation between 12 to 24 years of age likely to suffer from a form of acne at some time.

Unfortunately, you may also be an older person who is unlucky to be experiencing intermittent and perhaps a serious form of acne which can go well up to our forties. We have advice for you too.

It is important for you to know that this skin disease is neither blood related or contagious.

If it is any comfort, acne is a universal skin disease. No matter where in the world you are viewing our web site, you are in the same situation as others half a world away, whether male or female, or have a different skin colour.

The Nitty gritty stuff!

Whether with a light or dark ccomplexion, skin disorder is the result of over-induced sebaceous glands (or the skin’s oil glands) and blocked pilosebaceous units imbedded deep beneath the skin and blocked skin pores. Primarily, acne develops from blocked pilosebaceous canals. If these canals are obstructed by hardened sebum and dead cells, the combination of which may accumulate and block the ejection of dirt and body wastes; thus providing breeding grounds for Propionibacterium acnes or the P. acnes in the follicle walls or hair pores. These acne-infecting bacteria will attract white blood cells. The area then gets inflamed due to the reaction of the body to the activities eventually leading to the growth of acne.

This skin disorder comes in three basic categories:

• Whiteheads and blackheads or closed and open clogs respectively.
• Mild inflammatory acne which includes papules and pustules.
• Cystic acnes or nodules.


Moreover, zits may come in many types, each possessing their own characteristics. Some types may be inter-related and some have their independent origins.

• Comedo- or microcomedo, the smallest type of lesion
• Pustules- are pus-filled, usually yellowish in colour.
• Nodules- are the same with pustules only varying in size and the degree of swelling.
• Papules- are typically inflamed pimples.
• Cysts- are pus filled and have sac-like formation. This is the most severe form of acne.

There are other Acne forms:

• Acne vulgaris-the most common form which comprises of blackheads and whiteheads. Normally found around the shoulder, the surface of the face and the forehead.
• Infantile rashes- which occur in infants or new born babies.
• Acne rosacea- this is one form that inflicts of women heading for menopause or past it, therefore usually in middle-aged women.
• Scalp folliculitis- a form of spot that appears on the scalp and around the hairline.
• Perioral dermatitis- which is more prevalent in women, characterized by small pustules and papules.
• Acne conglobata- or acne vulgaris in its sever form.
• Acne fulminans- usually characterized with systematic symptoms.

The bad news - Acne is a disease that cannot be fully cured.

The good news - treatments can decrease the skin’s vulnerability to acne infection. Such treatments include :

Homeophatic treatments or those that can be prepared at home and are usually available over the counter (soap and water, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and alcohol)
Topical treatments or those that are applied on the external layers of the skin.
Oral drugs or drugs that can be taken systematically, these are usually composed of antibiotics (like spironolactone, minocycline and doxycycline treatments).

What triggers acne?

• A bacteria - Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes
Psychological stress (also, emotional stress)
Unhealthy diet (basically, the basis may be the diet followed in the West which are fat-enriched)
• Improperly functioning digestive system
• Hormonal imbalances and changes ( which may be the product of the digestive system reacting to some food items)
Cosmetics (especially those that are oil-based)

That is your initial introduction to the causes of Acne. Information on the following pages will show you how to Zap Those Zits. Now enoy the rest of the site. Click search at top of the page to easily find your key words that you wish to ask about.

Uncle Gerald

Wrinkles in the face are removed easily by the cosmetic injections

If you have wrinkles in your face, you will be looking abnormal. The first reason is the face is with some wrinkles and that will make you to think that you are missing something in your face. The same time, you will be the best man to give suggestions and prove your idea is fit for the topic you deal with. The illness in the eye brow also will be reflecting that you are not a right person. If you have the cosmetic injections after the treatment you will be looking fresh. That will make others to believe, you are the right person to deal anything that you deal.

Face is the index of the mind. If you have wrinkles on your face, no one will be able to understand your great knowledge and your working ability. The reason is your face is not normal to them. The same time, you can have the treatment and clear all the problems in your face and you can be a normal person after the treatment. You will have a fresh look, you can see a new person in your mirror. Even you will be shocked to see your own clear fact after the treatment because the treatment is very powerful.

The other treatments are for the wrinkles are called anti wrinkles injections. This anti wrinkles injections are powerful any plastic surgeon will suggest you to have only anti wrinkles injections for your face. You will be requested to attend the examination before going for this treatment. Once the examinations are over the treatment is decided by the plastic surgeons. Before some years these treatments are not available. That made the genius people to shine in their later age. If they availed this treatment even before some years they would have achieved their goals. The treatment is very simple; there will not be any pain or side effects after the treatment

There is no age limit for the treatment any young adult can take this treatment and start his fresh career. If you have enough funds for the treatment is enough to have your wrinkles free face. The wrinkles free face only is clear face. Even if you have very small portion of your face with wrinkles you will be looking ugly for others. But it will not reflect you in other body functions. The same time, after the treatment you see your face, you will never think you had wrinkles before in your face. The treatment is very powerful and effective you will have hundred percent clear faces after the treatment.

There are two different drugs are used for treating the wrinkles patients. The first one is dysport and the second one is botex these two will suit to all the skins. The doctor’s examination would be considering the best injection for your skin. Once he has decided his treatment, he would call you to come for the treatment. It would take only less time for this treatment. After the completion of your treatment you will be a normal person without any wrinkle.

» Link to this page : http://www.articlecube.com/Article/Wrinkles-in-the-face-are-removed-easily-by-the-cosmetic-injections/1472583[1]

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Best Face Wash for Any Skin Type

Oily skin is often chronic and can be caused by a variety of factors. People who suffer with chronic oily skin develop coarse pores and pimples, which often lead to inflammation. The advantage of having oily skin as opposed to other skin types is that it can be treated with non- abrasive cleansing products. The natural skin product is the best face wash to maintain a shine- free complexion.

Skin that produces extra oil is especially sensitive and requires careful treatment. Oily skin increases during adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. Because of the nature of the condition, it needs special facial cleansing to prevent the clogging of pores. When a person’s skin is oily, it is shiny and thick with a dull color. The condition is chronic and the sebaceous glands are overactive. Therefore, it is imperative that facial cleansers do not contain artificial ingredients.

Simply washing your face with lukewarm water at least twice a day is certainly a good place to start. Dermatologists report, however, that just water alone may not be enough for some types. Acne is extremely progressive, therefore requiring progressive treatment. A basic cleanser has proven to cleanse all skin types, including oily, dry, a combination of oily and dry, blemished and sensitive. Beauty experts recommend a face wash that is mild and soap free.

When you wash your face, use hot water as it dissolves skin oil better than cold or lukewarm water. After washing with hot water and mild soap, dermatologist recommend that you apply face cleansing products to continue caring for your skin. The sensitive cleansing solutions should dissolve sebum and allow the oil to flow freely through the pores. The key to treating oily skin is to use special skin face wash that will deeply clean and remove excess oil.

You can purchase effective skin condition cleansers from your local drugstore, which is essentially inexpensive. You may also choose to seek the assistance of a Dermatologist. Whichever option you choose, the best approach to treating oily skin is to select your face wash with care. It may take extreme measures to rid of flaky, dehydrated skin with blackheads. Your goal is to obtain and maintain an oil- balanced, healthier face and skin.

Other people may suffer with skin that is both oily and dry. Usually referred to as combination skin, it is difficult to identify and even more complex to treat. The goal for treating combination skin is to achieve a clear and balanced skin. The causes for this skin type are complex and unique from other skin types.

Many people use natural products to treat oily skin. Washing your face in lavender water several times a day is very effective for oily skin. A facial sauna two or three times daily using a pot of steamed water containing rosebuds, lemongrass, or even licorice root has amazing healing properties. Witch hazel has proven to absorb oil when applied to the skin.

Acne does not have to ruin your life forever. By purchasing the best face wash to keep your skin fresh, you will be free of acne symptoms. Benzoyl Peroxide is a FDA- approved gentle cleanser that produces acceptable results. A special blend of ingredients in the FDA approved cleanser is formulated for your specific skin type.

Click here[1] for a good informational starting point.

» Link to this page : http://www.articlecube.com/Article/Best-Face-Wash-for-Any-Skin-Type/1743313[2]


  1. ^ here (www.clarisonic.com)
  2. ^ http://www.articlecube.com/Article/Best-Face-Wash-for-Any-Skin-Type/1743313 (www.articlecube.com)
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Glow with Skin Whitening and Acne Scar Removal Treatment

In younger days your skin is likely to have even color and texture. But as time passes, various problems like acne, scars and dark spots can lead to uneven skin tone. This can affect your confidence and appearance. With a Skin Whitening cream treatment, you can help to fade the patchy skin and even out your skin tone to help it recover its youthful glow. Skin Whitening or skin lightening is a process in which chemical substances are used to lighten your skin tone or reducing the concentration of melanin to give you an even skin complexion. Skin Whitening Solution is used to de-pigment high pigmented moles and birthmarks, to match the surrounding skin. People who have vitiligo, a skin condition due to lack of pigment, Skin Whitening is used to treat the unaffected skin and make it lighter to match the affected parts.
Our skin contains melanocyte cell that develop melanin and when our body produces too much melanin at one area it results into dark spots known as hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation can be caused by skin injuries, acne, and inflammation and from harmful UVA and UBA rays from sun. Skin whiteners reduce or block melanin production by reducing one enzyme that develops the chemical production of melanin. This process takes long time so most of skin whitening products contains different ingredients to achieve better results. Other technique used is exfoliation i.e. getting rid of dead skin at the outermost layer of the skin and unveiling a new layer.
Acne is a worldwide problem. Everyone suffers from this type of skin problem. First it harms us by making our skin less than perfect, and then adds insult to injury by leaving Acne Scars behind to remind us forever of our problem skin. This problem begins within our skin as it naturally produces oil in our sebaceous gland. Acne-causing bacteria metabolize this oil and that metabolized oil is irritating to our skin. As the skin becomes increasingly irritated by this oil our hair follicles will become plugged, thereby collecting debris. This debris then erupts down into the deeper layer of our skin, the dermis. As our body struggles to remove this foreign debris with this inflammatory response, a wound in our skin is the result, and we end up with a scar. Acne scarring is the result of a wound in the skin, which then heals, leaving too much collagen behind.
Acne Scars should not be ignored. If active acne is present and no action is taken to correct it, there will be an increase in the severity and amount of acne scarring. The best ways to prevent Acne scars is use Acne cream or visit dermatologist and evaluate type of acne and develop a course of treatment to prevent further outbreaks. Number of Acne Scar Removal Treatments is available which can help to improve the skin and collagen remodeling process. Products like Retain-A and alpha hydroxyl acid will improve acne and also help to stimulate new collagen formation to improve acne scarring. It is important to use a strong sunscreen to prevent sun damage to the skin as it heals.

» Link to this page : http://www.articlecube.com/Article/Glow-with-Skin-Whitening-and-Acne-Scar-Removal-Treatment-/1472590[1]

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