Different Acne Treatments for Different Skin Types

Acne is a common skin condition that almost every person will experience at some point in his or her life. Acne is most prevalent during the teenage years, however, it can begin much earlier or later in life, depending on the individual, and can persist well into adulthood. The severity of acne differs from person to person and everyone has a different skin type, so there is no single acne product that works for everyone. Finding the right acne product is trial and error so it is important for you to try a range of acne products to find an Acne Treatment [1] that works for your skin. Currently, there are a variety of acne products on the market which all treat acne in a different way. This article outlines several acne treatments and the pros and cons for each one.
One common acne cure is through the use of topical acne products. This could include a daily acne cleanser, moisturising acne lotion and acne spot treatment cream. This acne treatment works by cleansing the surface of the skin and killing bacteria that causes pimples and acne flare-ups. While this type of acne product can be effective in managing breakouts, it only addresses the problem of acne on the surface. Oily skin will still be oily and breakouts will still occur despite this acne treatment. Another concern with this acne treatment is the ingredients in each acne product. Many facial cleansers use potent chemicals that essentially burn the surface of the skin in order to eliminate breakouts. This can over dry the skin and prevent skin regeneration.
Another common acne treatment is the use of prescription medications or antibiotics. This can come in the form of a topical acne product or an oral tablet. These Acne Treatments [2] are very potent (since they are prescription only) and are usually effective at eliminating acne. However, this acne treatment is mainly for individuals with cystic acne and is generally not used for people with occasional breakouts. While these prescription acne treatments are effective, due to their potency, they can often have undesirable side effects including extremely dry and flaky skin, increased sun sensitivity and nausea.
A third common acne treatment is a natural vitamin supplement that works from within to promote clear skin. This acne product is an all-natural oral tablet that controls acne by limiting the amount of oil produced by the skin. This acne treatment method is particularly effective because it prevents breakouts before they start and returns the skin to a healthy state. The supplement is also all natural, so the user doesn’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. This acne product is particularly effective when supplemented with the regular use of an all-natural facial cleanser.
The ideal acne treatment and products differ from person to person. Ask your dermatologist or general practitioner for recommendations on which acne product is best for your skin!

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