Debunking the Myths Around the Best Acne Treatments

Those who suffer from acne would do almost anything to not have it any longer. While there are lots of treatment options out there - all of which claim to be the very best acne treatments - people need to know the truths about common acne myths as well as what causes acne in order to be certain that they take care of their skin in such a way that keeps them blemish-free into the future. Here are the most popular myths to know about:

It Takes Forever to Clean Up Acne

It’s true that you won’t be able to find an overnight miracle sensation, but the other truth is that most acne treatments should show signs of working within a week’s period. Dermatologists say that the average span of treatment time is anywhere between seven to thirty days, but that if you are not noting any improvement in a week, you should consider a different treatment option.

Lots of Product Means Better Results

This myth is probably the most common. You don’t need a cleanser, a cream and then a topical solution all at once to treat acne. In fact, overuse of these types of product can cause damage to your skin beyond the issues that come from the acne themselves. The best treatment is an all in one solution that includes a moisturizer, toner and cleanser.

Lots of Scrubbing Will Fix the Issue

Too many acne sufferers over scrub or over cleanse the skin. Though the skin should be cleansed thoroughly, scrubbing excessively can remove essential skin cells that protect the face from breakouts. Cleansing the skin too much can also remove essential oils, which help maintain moisture, leaving the skin dry and prone to skin cell deterioration, which will only clog pores further.

The More Expensive the Product, the Better it is

It is easy to spend a small fortune on product to help clear up acne. It is a mistake to think that just because you’re spending a lot of money on one type of treatment that it is the best on the market. Moreover, just because you are spending the money on the product that will help treat the acne, you still need to be very aware of the other products that come in contact with your skin. Many products are designed for people who are acne prone - makeup, sunscreen and moisturizers - look for these when available.

Picking at Acne Will Make it Go Away

There’s nothing further from the truth than this popular acne myth. The only thing that popping or picking at a pimple will do is irritate an area and open it up to bacteria and infection. Use a topical treatment, but leave that pimple alone! You don’t want to end up with an infected, irritated pore. Not only can it be painful, but they are also unsightly.

The best acne treatments require the patient to not only follow directions on the bottle, but also maintain healthy skin. People using the best acne treatments should drink plenty of water throughout the day, watch their diet and treat their skin with acne products only. By combining good practices with the best acne treatments, individuals can clear up acne faster and prevent breakouts in the future.

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